Condiments to the Chef

Condiments to the chef

Some enjoy their fish and chips au naturel, but if you’re looking for a little something extra, any good fish and chip shop will be able to furnish you with a selection of traditional condiments.

Tartare sauce: The classic companion of fish and chips, tartare is a mayonnaise or aioli-based condiment, typically with added lemon, capers, gherkins and parsley. Its name comes from the French ‘sauce tartare’, named after the Tatar people of the Eurasian Steppe. They didn’t invent it, but they sounded suitably exotic to French chefs looking for a catchy name in the 19th Century.

Tomato sauce: Tomato sauce is the most popular fish and chip condiment in the UK, according to a 2010 survey. Here at home, Australians rarely need much encouragement to put tomato sauce on anything and chips are no exception, although most don’t put it on their fish. ‘Real’ tomato sauce doesn’t have added sugar – don’t get it confused with sweeter American-style ketchup.

Vinegar: Another popular British choice, a dash of malt vinegar over fish and chips also has many adherents in Australia.

Lemon juice: A wedge of lemon is a good alternative to vinegar to add some zing.

Honey and Balsamic glaze: A new comer to fish and chips but worth its weight in gold! Honey and Balsamic glaze is particularly good when drizzled over a lovely piece of salmon. Just add sweet potato chips and you have a new Aussie winner!