The Northern Territory Competition

Fish & Chips Public Voting Awards closes 5 August 2017

Award Winners to be announced at the state awards on 12 August 2017


Current Rankings - NT

Shop Name Score Votes
Jetty and the Fish 6627 67
Frying Nemo 3321 36
Jingili Fish and Chips and Takeaway 1895 19
La Beach Fish and Chips 900 9

Understanding the voting 

There are two aspects in voting - the number of people who voted and more importantly the score - that is what the winner will be based on.

The score is based on the voting criteria, which are weighted against a scale of importance (stars) - for example, taste is worth 50 points - each star is worth 10 points. Service is worth 35 point - each star is worth 7 points. Choice, Information and Labelling are worth 5 points - each star is worth 1 point.


Frying Nemo - "Lovely fresh caught local fish."
Jetty and the Fish - " Best fish and chips I have had in Darwin, actually outside of Adelaide.......the day I found them was a wonderful one and so lovely to sit on the foreshore and eat them."
La Beach Fish & Chips - "Mal always has the freshest fish, the Gold Band Snapper is always tasty, white and melts in your mouth. The potato scallops are cooked fresh with a generous slice of potato. The batter is not too thick, floury or greasy, it's just perfect. Who can complain about the setting? A beautiful lawn to sit on, watch the magnificent sunset, and enjoy the best fish and chips in Darwin."