The Tasmanian Competition

State Awards voting ended at 5pm 26th April 2017 for the judging round selection.

The Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council will judge a selection (or all) from top five shops as they finished at 5pm outlined below:

1. Tasmanian Gourmet Seafoods
2. Claremont Take Away
3. Doo-Lishus
4. Fraggles Fish and Chips
5. Skippers


Fish & Chips Public Voting for People's choice ended 12th June 2017

All Award Winners to be announced at the state awards on 1st July 2017



Understanding the voting 

There are two aspects in voting - the number of people who voted and more importantly the score - that is what the winner will be based on.

The score is based on the voting criteria, which are weighted against a scale of importance (stars) - for example, taste is worth 50 points - each star is worth 10 points. Service is worth 35 point - each star is worth 7 points. Choice, Information and Labelling are worth 5 points - each star is worth 1 point.


Havnabite Tucker Spot - "Excellent homemade foods by local owner."
Poseidon Restaurant - "Fresh and juicy fishes with crispy fries."
skippers - "Beautiful fresh east coast fish !!! Cooked and served unbeatably fresh and delicious!! 10/10. Customer service exactly how customer service should be. Perfectly situated."