Welcome to the home of Australian Fish & Chips

The Fisheries Research Development Corporation (FRDC) is proud to be running the Australian Fish and Chips Awards again in 2019.

The launch of this is close on the heels of the FRDC publishing its fourth and most comprehensive Report into the sustainability of Australia’s fish stocks – the 2018 Status of Australian Fish Stocks (SAFS) Reports. Reports on the sustainability of Australia’s commercial fish species are also available on the SAFS app for IOS and Android downloadable via http://fish.gov.au/App.


Voting has now closed as of Friday 31 May, 11:59pm AEST for all states and territories. Thank you for everyone's participation for the 2019 awards!

  • Have a peek of the top People's Choices for each of the states and territories.

  • See who the Award Winners are for the People's Choice Awards and the Judges Awards for each of the states and territories.

  • The national winner has been announced and awarded at the Seafood Directions Conference on 10 October 2019 in Melbourne.



Good Friday is one of the busiest times for both fish and chip shops and the Australian seafood industry. Sydney Fish Market expects over forty thousand visitors, and better not forget the several hundred thousand serves of fish and chips Australians will consume.
The battle for Australia’s best fish and chips for 2019 has now been settled
Do you feel like there’s something you’ve forgotten? No you haven’t left the oven on or left the front door unlocked (as far as we know), but maybe you’ve forgotten to vote in this year’s most important election – to crown your favourite fish and chipper, doyen of the deep fried, master or mistress of marinara!






The Awards are being coordinated by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation in partnership with the state and territory fishing industry councils.