Fisheries Research

Australia’s fisheries - supplying you with delicious fish and chips - are underpinned by world-class research.

The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation funds research to learn more our fisheries and marine environments, so we can all continue to enjoy delicious local fish for a long time to come!

All FRDC research projects are accessible via the FRDC website. FRDC, on behalf of the Australian Government and Industry invests in research for all sectors of the seafood Industry and final reports can be found here.


For links to stories on some of the amazing science being done to look after our fisheries can be seen in these research projects below:

Tracking technologies have given scientists and authorities new tools to aid in the quest for people and sharks to peacefully coexist

Smarter technology could be the drawcard that brings new respect and a new generation to the fishing industry

Research into Orange Roughy has helped inform monitoring and management to assist in the recovery of several of Australia’s stocks

The radioactive signature from nuclear testing in Australia is providing crucial information about vulnerable lungfish populations

Collaboration between government and fishers has helped Victoria’s western abalone fishery to recover from a catastrophic virus outbreak

Countering territorial behaviour and the propensity of octopus to escape from even the most securely closed tank systems have been among a number of achievements and world firsts to come from Australian efforts to develop aquaculture techniques for the species

Swordfish survival is the focus of research in an emerging Tasmanian recreational fishery