2018 Australia Best Fish and Chips Competition

About the 2018 Awards.

There will be two categories: People’s choice and a judge’s choice. The winners from the state and territories will go through to compete for the National title of Best Fish and Chips 2018.

Voting Criteria

Fish and chips will be rated against a set of five criteria, whether by public or under-cover judge, to ensure the best is found. In each state and territory, once the top 10 have been determined by People’s choice, under-cover judges will then determine the winner of each state. Once we have our 8 finalists, Judges will again Judge to determine who nationally has the Best Fish and Chips 2018.

• Taste [40%] – the seafood tastes good.
• Service [30%] – the service meets customer expectations.
• Choice [10%] – Seafood menu offers a range of seafood, including Australian seafood.
• Information [10%]– Customers are provided accurate information about the seafood & does the menu complies with the Australian Standard for Fish Names and, highlights the seafood’s provenance (i.e. is labelled accurately).

• Presentation [10%]: Is the store clean and inviting? Is the food packaged well to maintain quality?

Competition Timeline for 2018

• 30 March 2018: Dates for the competition are launched
• 30 May to 30 July 2018: Pop ups will occur across all state and territories to promote fish and chips
• 30 June- 30 July promotional material will be sent to those stores that registered prior to 2 June 2018
• 1 August 2018: Voting begins Fish and Chips shops and consumers are urged to get online and vote for their favourite via the Awards website www.fishandchipsawards.com.au
• 16th September state and territory voting ends Judging begins
• 15 October 2018 all State and Territory and the National Winner announced.