Channel 10 News: Search starts for Australia's best fish and chip shop

Source: Tenplay 

Once a staple on every suburban corner, the humble fish and chip shop is increasingly becoming the ‘one that got away’. However, while a lost art, there are a few establishments left and they’re out to fight for the title of the nation’s most fantastic fryer.

With March 31st Sustainable Seafood Day, there’s no better way to throw a line in and try have your favourite fishmonger voted as the nation’s best fish and chip shop.

Each state will run their own competition, before they vie for the opportunity to win the national and people’s choice awards.

The top entrant will be announced at the Seafood Directions 2017 Conference in September.

The initiative was announced by Anne Ruston, the Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, in a bid to promote local businesses which follow sustainable fishing practices.

Ruston said, "We're recognised around the world as being the best, many other countries look to Australia to give them some management skills and help them better manage their own fisheries," she said.

Voting of-fish-ially opens today and members of the public are encouraged to have their say. "Australian seafood is sustainable and tastes great... the broader message is about how good Australian seafood is," Ruston said.

If you want to get involved, you can nominate or vote for your local by following this link: www.fishandchipsawards.com.au/State-Territory