The Australian Fish and Chips Awards

The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) in partnership with the state and territory fishing industry councils are again looking for Australia’s best fish and chips. This year the FRDC will coordinate nationally the judging of the state and territory and National Australian Fish and Chips Awards.

Competition timeline

  • Voting opens Friday 19 April, 12:00am and closes Friday 31 May, 11:59pm AEST for all states and territories.
  • State Winners will be announced at the State and Territory Seafood Awards events.
  • National winners will be announced at the Seafood Directions Conference in Melbourne on 10 October 2019.

You do not have to participate

We appreciate not every shop may want to participate. How much you do or not do is up to you. The Fish and Chips Awards are free and people can vote for your store regardless of whether you engage in any related activities.

The Award categories

People’s Choice

Chosen by consumers, fish and chip lovers across Australia will be able to nominate and vote for their favourite Fish and Chips via the voting page. Following last year’s successful trial, vote verification will continue to be used as part of the online voting system. Only votes verified will be counted. In addition, we will add a few extra features in the background to make the system more user friendly and strengthen security.

Fish and chips will be rated against a set of five criteria, whether by public or undercover judge, to ensure the best is found. In each state and territory, once the top shops have been determined by People’s choice, under-cover judges will then determine the winner of each state and who has Australia's Best Fish and Chips.

  • Taste [40%] – Does the seafood taste good? Cooking method will be key here – using the right approach for the right fish and doing it well to make your seafood sing.
  • Service [30%] – Does the service meet customer expectations? Everything from the welcome to the goodbye is important. 
  • Choice [10%] – Does the menu offer customers options? Different types of fish or seafood; local or imported; cooking methods [grilled, fried, etc.]; and preparations battered, crumbed or natural.
  • Information [10%] – Are customers provided with accurate information about the source and qualities of the seafood? The menu must comply with the Australian Fish Names Standard [fishnames.com.au] and accurately label the seafood’s provenance to a national level, or better.
  • Presentation [10%] – Is the store clean and inviting? Is the food packaged well to maintain quality?

Judges Choice

To go in the running for the Judges Choice award, nominate your store by filling out our online application form at "Be Judged" page by Friday 31 May, 11:59pm AEST for all states and territories.

It is important to note shops have to nominate themselves by filling out the application to be entered into the Judges Choice award and judged by our official judges. The application is based on the criteria used by our judging panel. Only the shop(s) with the highest scores will be judged.

The application process aims to allow shops across all regions to be accessed.

Application process

FRDC will trial an online application system for shops to nominate themselves to be judged by our official judges. It is important to note you have to nominate your store by filling out the application form, otherwise you will not enter into the judged award category. The application is based on the criteria used by our judging panel. The application process aims to allow shops across all regions to be assessed. Only the shop(s) rated with the highest scores will be judged – nominate your shop now.

Starter pack

If you did not get a starter pack consisting of two A2 posters and two sheets of stickers to promote your store please contact FRDC at awards@frdc.com.au and one can be sent out.

For shops who did receive a pack, if you require more stickers or larger posters (also available in A1 size) please email awards@frdc.com.au. These are available in limited amounts. We can also provide digital print files if you want to print your own posters with your shop name on them, at your own cost.