5 mins with Pelican Rocks Cafe

Business and location: Pelican Rocks Café, Greenwell Point, NSW

Can you share a happy fish and chip memory?
Some of my fondest childhood memories are spending my days in the boats catching Bream, Flathead, Luderick and local Whiting with all of my friends. Mum and dad have had a seafood restaurant for 37 years – basically all my life – where we would prepare and cook our catch. I started the café under the restaurant seven and half years ago and it has continued to thrive.

Where have you eaten the best fish and chips?
Here in our café. I think we do the best fish and chips, but I have eaten some lovely, fresh grilled Snapper at a fish and chip shop near Launceston in Tasmania.

In your business, what do you consider to be the best fish to use for fish and chips?
Anything fresh is best. We sell Luderick (blackfish), Blue Grenadier, Leather Jacket and Flathead. We’re right across from where the boats land and pride ourselves on fresh fish.

And how do customers enjoy it?
Most customers choose to have their fish battered or grilled and served with chips and salad.

Do you have a personal favourite?
My favourite is Whiting, crumbed and lightly cooked in oil with some lemon butter and garlic.

What Australian wine (or other beverage) would you match with your fish and chips?

We’re licensed, so customers have a choice of beer or wine. I prefer a light beer like a Corona with lime to accompany my meal.

How long have you been making/serving fish and chips?
I’ve been cooking and serving for about seven and a half years, since I started the café.

What value does winning the award have for you?
I’m still struggling to comprehend it. It gives me goosebumps to think about it. Every day our aim is to put out quality food and set a standard for that and it is great to be recognised for that. This competition has given us the opportunity to put our small coastal village on the map.

Do you think it can help to promote the consumption of seafood in Australia?
It has definitely promoted Australian product more. Many fish and chip shop in the competition have been promoting Australian seafood and it’s great for local businesses and the industry too.

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